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Report: Anti-Jewish incidents reach new record highs in UK

A recent report by the Community Security Trust (CST) indicates that anti-Jewish incidents have reached a record high in the UK. A key role of the trust is to provide security and to monitor anti-Semitism for the Jewish community in the UK.

‘These record levels of anti-Jewish racism, reported by our Jewish community to CST and police, show how difficult last year was for Jews across Britain,’ said Mark Gardner, the chief executive of CST. The data indicates that there were 2,255 incidents of this type last year. There has been an increase in incidents where people have screamed abuse from passing cars. There have also been 173 reports of violent assaults. There were the most antisemitic incidents in the US last year, an increase from the previous year’s tally.

‘This is the first time CST has ever recorded over 2,000 incidents in a single year. This is 24 percent higher than the previous record annual total of 1,813 incidents in 2019. The UK has seen record annual totals for antisemitic incidents in five of the past six years. CST has recorded antisemitic incidents since 1984,’ the report read. In the report, it is noted that an increase in such incidents followed the recent conflict in Israel and Gaza. As the government’s independent advisor on antisemitism, the peer John Mann has said it is time ‘to reconsider how we tackle antisemitism’.

According to the report, 502 incidents involved offenders using far-right or Nazi-related discourse. Furthermore, there have been 90 instances of ‘Holocaust celebrations.’ In these celebrations, the perpetrators acknowledge the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people. Additionally, Jews were explicitly called upon to destroy the state of Israel and any form of Jewish nationhood.



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