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‘UK under yellow warning’: Storm Eunice, expected to bring gusts up to 80 mph

The weather forecasters anticipate gusts of up to 80 mph hitting the UK again on Sunday. The extreme weather conditions caused by Hurricane Eunice have also knocked out power to 1.4 million households. Crews were battling to restore power to the affected households on Saturday.

England and Wales will be under a yellow wind warning from noon on Sunday until 3 pm on Monday. Several other places, including Northern Ireland, north-west England, and south-west Scotland, will be under another warning until Monday noon. Simon Partridge, a Met Office forecaster, told the Guardian that the ‘wet and windy weather’ will continue into next week. The weather will also impact the recovery process.

He said, ‘Eunice is gone, but unfortunately things are not settling down. There is another area of low pressure up near Iceland, and that will bring very strong winds again through Sunday. As well as that we’ve also had heavy rain. Storm Eunice prompted the first-ever ‘red’ weather warning for London on Friday. In 1987, the “Great Storm” hit Britain and northern France. This was one of the most powerful storms in Europe since then.

Inness, a meteorologist at the University of Reading in England, attributed the storms to a strong jet stream over the eastern Atlantic Ocean, with winds close to 200 mph (321 kph). ‘A strong jet stream can act as a production line for storms, generating a storm every day or two. It has happened numerous times in recent decades that two or more damaging storms have passed through the UK or other parts of Europe within a short period of time’, Inness said.


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