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Meta unveils Al project to build metaverse future

Meta, which is owned by Facebook, is focusing on artificial intelligence research to create worlds through speech, enhance how people communicate with voice assistants, and translate between languages, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who laid out critical stages to developing the metaverse on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg believes the metaverse, a future concept of virtual spaces in which users may work, interact, and play, will be the replacement of mobile internet. Speaking at the company’s live-streamed ‘Inside the Lab’ event, Zuckerberg said, ‘The key to unlocking a lot of these advances is AI’.

Meta is working on a new class of generative AI models, according to Zuckerberg, that will allow anyone to define a world and produce elements of it. Zuckerberg demonstrated an AI idea dubbed Builder Bot in a taped demo, in which he appeared as a legless 3D avatar on an island and delivered spoken instructions to construct a beach, clouds, trees, and even a picnic blanket.

‘As we advance this technology further, you’ll be able to create nuanced worlds to explore and share experiences with others, with just your voice’, said Zuckerberg.

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He did not provide a date for these breakthroughs or any further information on how Builder Bot operates.
He said that Meta was focusing on AI research to allow users to have more natural interactions with voice assistants, a step toward how humans would interact with AI in the metaverse. ‘A truly end-to-end neural model for producing on-device assistants’, he stated of the company’s Project CAIRaoke.

Meta said it was using the model in its Portal video-calling gadget and hoped to include it in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices in the future. It claimed it was limiting the replies of its new CAIRaoke-based assistant until it could verify the system did not produce derogatory words.

In addition, Zuckerberg mentioned that Meta was working on a universal voice translator that would enable immediate speech-to-speech translation in any language. Prior to this, the business established a goal for its AI system to be able to interpret all written languages.

The social network business, which recently lost a third of its market value following a disappointing earnings report, has put a lot of money into its new focus on establishing the metaverse and changed its name to reflect this goal. Meta said this month that its Reality Labs, the company’s augmented and virtual reality division, will lose $10.2 billion in the fiscal year 2021.


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