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Know all about different types of sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is the emotional, romantic  or sexual attraction that a person feels toward another person. There are several types of sexual orientation. Sexual attraction typically describes a person’s desire to have sex or form a sexual relationship with other people.

There are several different terms used to describe several forms of sexual orientations. So it is very important to have a clear understanding of these terms.

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Greysexuality:  Greysexual or Graysexual is used to describe people who experience sexual attraction and sexual feelings very rarely. Outside of the rare occurrences where they feel attraction, they’re virtually identical to asexual individuals.

Omnisexual: Omnisexual means someone who can find themselves attracted to all people, regardless of their gender. Omnisexual people aren’t gender blind though—they see gender but someone’s gender is not why they’re attracted to them.

Polysexuality: Polysexuality means someone is attracted to many genders and identities. People who are polysexual ignore gender binaries altogether.

Autosexual: Autosexuality means people are more attracted to themselves than to others and may prefer masturbation to sex with a partner. It doesn’t mean that someone who is autosexual will never have sexual relationships with other people. Autosexual people feel more sexually aroused by themselves rather than by others.


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