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Drinking chilled water during the summer affects your health; Read on…

Summer is here, and with it comes the urgent desire to quench our thirst. During the summer, many of us start storing bottles in the refrigerator so that we may drink cool water. However, you may have heard that drinking chilly water is not good for your health, especially when the seasons shift from winter to summer. Don’t panic if you’ve been told not to drink cooled water this summer but don’t know why. We’re here to explain.

The assumption that drinking cold water is harmful to your long-term health is based on the idea that cold water compresses the stomach, making it more difficult to digest food after a meal. It is also thought that if we drink water that is close to the temperature of ice, or less than four degrees Celsius, our bodies must work harder to maintain their interior temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, consuming cold water with hot food causes an imbalance in the digestive process. Instead, meals in Chinese culture are served with warm water or hot tea. According to 2012 research published by the National Library of Medicine, the discomfort associated with achalasia, a medical disease that inhibits the body’s capacity to move food down the esophagus, can be exacerbated by drinking cold water with a meal. Drinking cold water when you have a cold or flu, or if you have any chronic illness that causes sluggish digestion, may potentially aggravate your situation.

However, cold water has some advantages in some conditions. It has been suggested that drinking cold water while exercising will assist in protecting your body from overheating and increase the effectiveness of your training session. Drinking cold water while exercising helps your body maintain a lower core temperature.

Drinking warm or hot water, on the other hand, might help you feel less thirsty. This might be problematic on hot summer days when your body is attempting to stay cool by sweating. To avoid problems, it is advised that you drink regular room temperature water most of the time.


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