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Never say these to your partner

There are certain things that you should never say to your partner. Following this will help you to build a healthier relationship. Otherwise, this will damage your relationship.

1. You are so boring: Never say this to your partner. This comment is very much harsh and unloving.  Also avoid negative comments, comparisons, or judgments of this nature as they will ruin your love life.

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2. Why don’t you listen to me:  This is a restricting statement and this will not help. This kind of restricting comment is typically made in a long-term relationship when the importance of two-way communication is taken for granted or neglected, or one partner has become excessively narrow-minded. Repeating this phrase again and over may have adverse effect on your love life.

3. You are so selfish: This is a negative comment and it hurts your partner. This is a critical and judgmental comment that attacks the person rather than their behaviour, and it will create distance and tension in a relationship.

4. You have changed: This comment will also ruin a relationship. A person or a relationship can never stay the same or be stable. Both partners and the relationship itself should constantly evolve and transform in order to be healthy, lively, and flourish



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