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After 24 hours of manhunt, NY subway shooting suspect arrested!

The assailant responsible for Tuesday’s open fire at the Brooklyn subway station has been apprehended after a 24-hour search. On Wednesday, CBS news reported that Frank Robert James, 62, was detained in Manhattan’s East Village and brought into jail by patrol police from the 9th Precinct downtown. Law enforcement officials informed NBC New York that the NYPD had received a tip concerning his whereabouts from the public.

According to the sources, he was noticed wandering through the East Village by a member of the public who phoned Crime Stoppers. When the gunfire began at 8.24 a.m. inside the train, ten individuals were wounded and dozens more were injured. There have been no recorded casualties thus yet. The 62-year-old shooter wore a gas mask and opened a gas canister inside a subway carriage before opening fire on the passengers. The motivation of the suspect has yet to be determined by the police.

According to local media sources, authorities identified James as a suspect after discovering a pistol at the scene of the shooting that may be linked to him. Furthermore, the police reviewed additional security footage that showed James, who was wearing an orange construction jacket, entering a subway station at 6.15 a.m. on Tuesday morning – two hours before the deadly shooting.

Aside from the gun, authorities recovered magazines, gas canisters, and pyrotechnics from the site. On Tuesday, the NYPD found a U-Haul vehicle that had been hired in James’ name. According to one of the witnesses, the guy was dressed in an orange work vest and wore a gas mask. The gas mask was tracked down by the authorities via an e-bay account associated with James. Based on this information, the police designated James as a person of interest before charging him as a suspect.


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