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Never do these things right after having sex

Most of the people never think too much about the dos and don’ts of sex. But one has to be very careful while having sex as most of the infections that occur down there is because of unhealthy habits that one follows.

There are certain do’s and don’ts that must be kept in mind. So here are some things you must never do right after having sex.

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Washing your private parts: It is one of the most important thing to do after having sex. But never wash your private parts with  an intimate wash. These washes can be very harsh and ruin your pH levels. It is best to pee to get rid of any bacteria over washing as well.

Clean the sex toys:  Just like you clean your body, clean your sex toys as well after using them. Clean the toys with warm water and a mild soap.

Don’t just leave after sex:  Don’t leave him/her after having sex . It is a very insensitive move and it makes the other feel used too. Spoon them for a while, kiss the forehead, hug, make sure your body is touching your partner for a few minutes. This releases some happy hormones and makes both you and your partner feel good.

Don’t put on tight clothes:  Let your body breathe after sex. Reason being that right after sex, your body releases fluids and prespires. If you wear anything tight, the friction increases and this can lead to bacteria.

Hot shower after sex: Never go for a hot shower after having sex. When vagina responds to sexual stimulation, the vagina opens a little more. And after sex, a  hot bath tub shower can make you susceptible to more infections.


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