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Le Pen’s pledge to ban ritual slaughter irks Muslims and Jews: Report

The French presidential elections appear to be growing tighter by the day. Who will succeed? French President Emmanuel Macron will be re-elected, or far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen will be elected. This appears to be on everyone’s mind in France right now.

However, Le Pen’s recent pronouncements about Ukraine, the EU, and NATO appear to have gotten a lot of attention as well. According to sources, the presidential contender has also committed to prohibiting the ritual slaughter of animals if elected. She appears to wish to end animal suffering and wants animals to be shocked first.

Several groups, including Muslims and Jews, are alarmed by the decision since they consume meat from animals that aren’t stunned before slaughter for religious reasons. It appears to be a discriminatory attempt to get votes, according to opponents. According to the Associated Press, she is apparently not averse to hunting or bullfighting.

If the law is enacted, some Jews say they may consider fleeing France, while Muslims claim they will resort to unlawfully executing them in bathrooms, according to the newspaper. Le Pen has stated that the meats might also be imported, giving minorities another alternative. ‘I’m not going to get rid of halal and kosher butcher shops,’ the presidential contender stated earlier this week.


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