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‘Poor staffing and food scarcity’; China’s quarantine facility exposed!

In a recent social media video, chaotic situations can be observed at the Nanhui quarantine site in Shanghai, China. During the city’s lockdown, people can be seen grumbling about a lack of personnel and food at the isolated location. They are battling for a few resources such as water, food, and blankets, all of which are deemed essentials.

Thousands of people have shared the video on Chinese social media sites like Weibo and WeChat. ‘If you can, please help us expose,’ a Chinese user who posted the video asked (the situation). ‘It’s terrifying…no one is adequately handling the stuation’. Several persons at the authorized field hospital were unable to obtain any of the supplies being handed since nothing was left by the time they arrived at the head of the line.

The Shanghai lockdown has created a frenzy, with people rushing to collect as much as they can before they can’t. Another Chinese social media user complained about the appalling circumstances at the quarantine facility, writing, ‘Can you have a look at the Nanhui hospital site, my mom tested positive and was at home for a week lying low and she healed, however they still carelessly dragged her away.’

‘When she came, she had to snag a room for herself since nothing had been mended, individuals testing positive and negative were all mingled together, there was no hot water, no healthcare personnel, no nurses, there was nothing. People were fighting over food and water, and the turmoil and confusion were at an all-time high.’

As Shanghai confronts the Omicron wave amid the lockdown, China’s state-run Global Times said that officials had dispatched 38,000 health personnel during tests, the most medical help since the virus broke out in Wuhan over two years ago. Medical personnel was dispatched from at least 15 provinces, according to the state-run media.

The publication went on to say that health personnel had completed the ‘difficult objective’ of sampling 25 million inhabitants. On Monday, all Shanghai residents took the nucleic acid coronavirus test, which was the biggest COVID-19 operation in China to date. According to health experts, testing and assessment will be carried out following the collection of the sample. The authorities have encouraged locals to stay at home until the results of the tests are released.

China maintains its ‘zero-COVID’ policy, but the number of coronavirus infections in the last month has surpassed instances recorded two years ago when the virus was first identified in Wuhan. Shanghai health officials conducted antigen testing in an attempt to break the transmission cycle. The current wave is being driven by the Omicron variation, as officials stated they had discovered a novel Omicron subtype in Suzhou, near Shanghai, tentatively dubbed BA.1.1.


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