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Russian troops have entered the battle for Donbas; Zelensky

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Tuesday that ‘Russian forces have initiated the struggle for the Donbas.’ The Ukrainian president went on to say that Russian forces had been ‘preparing for a long time’ for the Donbas attack. Putin’s forces seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, and pro-Russian rebels have been battling Ukraine’s army in a low-intensity conflict in the eastern area since then.

According to Zelensky, ‘We will fight no matter how many Russian forces are sent here. We are prepared to protect ourselves.’ The governor of Lugansk further stated that Russia had infiltrated the eastern area with a ‘large amount of military gear,’ while Ukraine’s troops had retreated to ‘new positions.’

On February 24, President Putin declared a ‘special military operation’ as his soldiers started an invasion on Ukraine. However, Ukraine’s soldiers have maintained a furious battle against Russian forces for over two months, with most areas holding out despite Russia’s overwhelming military might. Ukraine has evacuated population from the Donbas area in preparation of the Russian invasion, even as Putin’s soldiers continued their drive towards Mariupol, which has apparently been besieged.

On Sunday, Russia ordered Ukrainian soldiers to surrender; however, Zelensky’s men refused the offer, vowing to fight until the last end. On Monday, Russia increased its onslaught against Ukraine, striking important cities and hammering Lviv with missiles. The Lviv strike, according to the Kremlin, was directed against an ammunition stockpile where Ukraine had presumably kept weaponry delivered by the US and Europe. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that a $800 million cargo is ready to be given to Ukraine as Russia prepares to launch a massive onslaught in Donbas.


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