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FDA approves first condoms for anal sex

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA has approved the use of  a condom named ‘ONE Male Condom’  during anal intercourse. The decision was taken to reduce sexually transmitted infections. This is the first time the agency has approved a condom specifically for use during anal sex. The condom has already been available for vaginal sex.

One condoms manufactured by Global Protection Corporation has been tested effective in a clinical trial in 2019. As per the study,  condom failure was found a 0.68% for anal intercourse and 1.89% failure rate for vaginal intercourse. The gap in effectiveness may have been because of differences in lubricant use. Lubricant was used for 98% of anal sex during the study, while it was only used for about 42% of vaginal sex acts.  A study  also found  that roughly 70% of men who have sex with men would be more likely to use condoms marked as safe for anal sex.

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Most of the studies found that unprotected anal intercourse carries the greatest sexual exposure risk of HIV transmission. Anal sex is also considered to be much riskier compared to vaginal sex when it comes to the spread of infections such as HIV and HPV.



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