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Bin Laden’s plans to attack after 9/11: Bomb trains and derail oil tankers

Osama Bin Laden, a global terrorist, had planned a second attack on the United States immediately after the devastating 9/11 terror incident in 2001, which killed over 3,000 people. Following bin Laden’s death in 2011, US Navy SEALs discovered and declassified papers indicating that the then-al-Qaeda leader advocated the use of private aircraft rather than passenger flights to carry out a follow-up operation after 9/11.

The records also showed how bin Laden instructed his minions to cut 12 metres off US train rails in order to cause a catastrophic disaster that he predicted would kill hundreds of people. The train derailment plot was initially revealed in 2011 when it was alleged that bin Laden wanted to send a crowded train careening over a bridge into a valley.

Nelly Lahoud, a dedicated Al-Qaeda researcher, sifted through hundreds of personal letters and notes captured by US Navy SEALs in Pakistan 11 years ago. According to Nelly, Osama bin Laden was also taken aback by the manner in which the US carried out its operations in Afghanistan.

According to the released documents, the Al-Qaeda chief believed that American citizens would take to the streets and put pressure on their government to leave the Muslim-majority country. The records also stated that since the United States was behind him, Osama did not communicate with his associates for three years.

In 2010, Osama planned another operation in the Middle East and Africa, this time targeting a large number of crude oil ships and important transit networks. He had suggested that the operators pose as fishermen in the port regions. He’d even informed his subordinates where to look for certain boats that could avoid radar detection. Following Osama bin Laden’s death, Al-Qaeda is led by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama’s deputy.


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