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Weight loss does not increase fertility, claims study

A new study published in PLOS medicine has revealed that weight loss does not increase fertility in women. The study was conducted among 379 women. Daniel J. Haisenleder, one of the researchers for this study, said that weight loss does not improve the chances of fertility.

The researchers divided the women into two groups. The women included in the first group followed a diet using meal replacements and increased physical activity. The other half had increased their physical activity without targeting weight loss.

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Women in the first group had lost 7% body weight while others retained their weight. Women in both the groups were given standard infertility treatments as they finished their respective programs. However, no significant differences were recorded between the two groups in terms of healthy birth frequency.

Still, according to experts, if a person is suffering from obesity there are lesser chances of them having healthy babies.  Several experts are of opinion that, obesity can affect fertility levels in both men and women.


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