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‘Communal-tension’: Youth group stops providing meals to patients’ caregivers!

Madhya Pradesh; A group of city youths has been compelled to stop giving meals for Sehri during Ramzan to the attendants of patients at government hospitals due to community outrage. Following the religious violence in Khargone, schisms arose in the organization, and Hindu members refused to donate money to the project. For the past six years, the youth organization has organized Sehri for Rozedars who are staying in hospitals to care for their hospitalized family members or relatives.

The core group consists of eight people, six of whom are Hindus and two of whom are Muslims. They used to combine their funds to purchase the essential basic ingredients. Two of the group’s female members used to make food items, which were then packed and brought at 2 a.m. for Sehri. They had assigned each other the tasks of purchasing raw materials, preparing prepared meals, and delivering the packets. This year, as in previous years, they began their labor on April 2, the first day of Ramzan. ‘Everything was ok until Ramnavmi when communal violence erupted in Khargone,’ the group’s organizer stated on the condition of anonymity.

He informed the Free Press that two days after the violence, four Hindu members refused to contribute and refused to complete their portion of the labour. ‘Ham hamare paise se miyan bhaiyon ko khana kyon dein, bhaiyon ko khana kyon dein, bhaiyon ko khana kyon dein, Dekho unhonein kya kiya (Why should we spend our money feeding Muslims? Look at what they’ve done),’ the coordinator informed. Not only that, but a Hindu organisation reserved two seats for the coordinator to see the Hindi film ‘Kashmir Files’. ‘Go see the movie. It will open your eyes,’ someone informed him.

The coordinator stated that a guy identifying himself as a Maulana called him and asked him to halt the activities. ‘Tum hamari qaum ko badnaam kar rahe ho. You are bringing a negative reputation to our community, hamare bhaiyon ka roza kharab kar rahe ho. You are defiling the Roza of our brothers),’ the maulana scolded him. The organization was forced to stop its program on the sixteenth day of Ramzan due to a lack of funds and volunteers. However, the coordinator has not given up. ‘We’re going to do it again next year. And on a larger scale,’ he added.

No Iftar gatheringsĀ 
This Ramzan, neither the government nor opposition political parties’ key leaders sponsored Roza Iftar in the city. Before the Covid-19-imposed limitations took effect, chief minister Shivraj Chouhan used to frequently organize Iftar parties at his mansion, to which important Muslim people, including the Shahar Quazi, were invited. Many more prominent politicians followed suit. However, Iftar celebrations were not held this year.


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