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‘Eat Shawarma with care’: Careless cooking invites danger

There is no doubt that Shawarma originated in Arabian nations and made its way to Kerala. Malayalee Shawarma is barely twenty years old. Where does shawarma, which we assume is an Arabian dish, come from?  Shawarma was born in the country of Khalil Gibran, the Prophet with Broken Wings. Shawarma, like Khalil Gibran’s poetry, has a history of conquering the world. The food dates back to the first part of the fourteenth century. Shawarma is an Arabic term. Shawarma, on the other hand, derives from the Turkish term severme. Shawarma translates to ‘spinning’ in Malayalam.

Shawarma was flown across the desert from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Immigrated from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1920, workers from Lebanon brought shawarma to Mexico. Shawarma is the most expensive fast food in Ottawa and Montreal, Canada. Shawarma arrived in the UK in 1970 with the opening of Shawarma stalls at the Piccadilly Circus.

Turks, Syrians, and Lebanese cooks made shawarma in the early days of the Gulf countries. When Malayalees began migrating to the Gulf, the story altered. Later, no one could defeat the Malayalees. Shawarma arrived in Malappuram for the first time twenty years ago. Moideenkutty Haji of Malappuram Jubilee Road Palace Hotel, who claims to have imported Shawarma to Kerala, was selling it for Rs 15 at the time.

Shawarma is prepared in front of a grill oven by cutting the bones and slicing the minced meat on a long stick. Tomatoes and lemons are also tied to the meat on both sides of the stick, allowing their essence to be absorbed into the flesh. The initial cooked surface of the meat is removed using a large knife. When it lands on the bottom dish, along with vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, the pieces of meat are sliced into extremely little bits. Roll the kuboosi (bread) with the meat and vegetable mixture into a shawarma roll.

Shawarma is made using the meat available in each country. Mutton was the major occupation in Lebanon in the past, hence it was used in shawarma. Mutton and beef were used alternately in Saudi Arabia, whilst the chicken was the mainstay in Mexico and East Asian nations. Although all meats, including goat, chicken, and cattle, are good for shawarma, chicken is the most commonly used in Kerala. Salted carrots, beetroot and green chillies are also eaten with shawarma to enhance the taste.

It doesn’t matter if it tastes delicious or not; the Shawarma story may be completed by narrating a small poisoned anecdote. Botulinum toxin is a poison that may kill you in the shower. Shawarma is produced by allowing partly cooked meat to cool before utilizing it. The meat is not thoroughly cooked when refrigerated and heated again in this manner.

As a result, Clostridium bacteria are formed in meat. This bacteria produces botulinum toxin. In such a situation, it is logical to suppose that people who ate shawarma for so long were not infected with such lethal infections. The germs are not able to survive high temperatures. In other words, sloppy cooking invites disaster. This suggests that it is preferable to pay attention before eating.


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