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Historic Pak bridge swept away by glacial lake water amid heatwave

Flood water from a glacier lake wrecked the ancient Hassanabad Bridge in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region on Saturday. The bridge that formerly existed on the Karakoram Highway was swept away by floodwaters of the Shishper glacier at Mount Shishpar in northern Pakistan.

According to reports, the glacier is melting owing to the heat, causing an increase in water levels and flooding.

The bridge crumbles and falls away as water levels rise, according to a video shared by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Climate Change and Senator Sherry Rehman. She wrote: ‘A few days ago the Ministry of Climate Change had warned that Pakistan’s vulnerability is high due to high temps. Hassanabad Bridge on the KKH collapsed due to glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) from the melting Shisper glacier, which caused erosion under pillars. Am told FWO will have a temporary bridge up in 48 hours’.

Furthermore, the Minister added in another tweet, ‘At the same time, many such areas are vulnerable up in the north, especially GB, KP. Pakistan has the highest number of glaciers outside the polar region and many are losing mass due to high global temperatures. We need global leaders to reduce emissions, walk the talk’.

Thousands of people and visitors have been stuck in the region due to flooding.


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