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‘Meri Awas Suno’- A heartfelt perspective; A call to be heard among the fading voices!

Mollywood has experimented with films starring RJs as lead characters. The majority of them have mimicked the cheery, fun-loving, and eloquent RJs we’ve become accustomed to by listening to our favorite FM stations. ‘Meri Awas Suno’ is more of a personal journey of an RJ and an attempt to depict how much voice means in a lingering world saturated in radio waves.

The film, like the title, is a cry to be heard, both physically and metaphorically. Jayasurya, whose most recent film was ‘Sunny,’ demonstrates again how skilled an actor he is at dealing with emotions. Jayasurya plays RJ Shankar, a renowned talk show host at Club FM 81.3 who interacts with his audience through his sympathetic attitude to life in ‘Meri Awas Suno.’ His life is nearly ideal — he has a lovely family and a fulfilling profession – until life takes an unexpected turn one day.

Though the film is claimed to be a replica of the Bengali film ‘Konntho,’ director Prajesh Sen has made every attempt to infuse his distinctive flair into the film. This is hardly unexpected given that Prajesh, who has three films to his name, formerly worked for All India Radio. Manju Warrier, who plays Dr. Reshmi, a speech therapist, is a joy to watch as she enters people’s lives with her unconventional views and way of life. This is clear when she is asked to give a lecture at a women’s college operated by Catholic nuns on Women’s Day.

With her speech, she lights up the stage, enticing females to go out for tea or a ‘thattu dosa’ in the middle of the night. She goes on to tell the girls that they must create their own boundaries for their independence and not be scared of the night, which is only a cover for the day. The crowd erupts in applause, much to the Sisters’ chagrin.

These women-centric exchanges appear here and there throughout the film, and the filmmaker should be commended for attempting to address society’s stereotypes of women. Manju, whose most recent comeback films have been family-oriented, has done credit for her part as a speech therapist. Though her character had greater depth, it appeared like the filmmaker was in a rush to reduce her role as an afterthought.
The first on-screen collaboration of Manju and Jayasurya generated a lot of anticipation, but it was Shivada Nair as RJ Shankar’s wife who stole the show with their lovely chemistry absorbing the nuance of the reels. It would have been preferable if these jobs had been complimentary to one another. Actors Johny Antony and Sudheer Karamana also did well in the film. Saritha Jayasurya, Akshaya Premnath, and Sameera Saneesh created a work of art using their costumes.
M Jayachandran, lyricist B K Harinarayan, and vocalists Anna Amie and Krishnachandra have done magic with the songs, which leave you genuinely invigorated, while Noushad Shereef’s cinematography cannot be neglected at any time. Though the film’s uplifting tone and wonderful combination of emotions will brighten your spirits, ‘Meri Awaa Suno’ could have taken more time to create a deeper impression on the audience.


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