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If employees do not like the content Netflix offers, they can quit!

For the first time in seven years, Netflix has revised its cultural rules. The streaming platform has encouraged staff to be prepared to work on content with which they may disagree with the amended rules. The business also stated that anyone who does not agree with the type of information available on the site is free to leave.

The streaming platform contains an ‘art expression’ section that describes the company’s aims to deliver a variety of programs to its consumers. ‘Rather than having Netflix block certain artists or voices, we let viewers determine what’s suitable for them,’ the firm claimed in its new cultural memo.

Netflix also stated in the email that it wanted to provide variety in storytelling, ‘even if we find some movies contrary to our own personal beliefs.  Depending on your employment, you may be required to work on titles that you believe are damaging,’ Netflix noted.’ If you find it difficult to sustain our content breadth, Netflix may not be the right fit for you’, the firm noted.

A Netflix spokeswoman provided further context, stating that the firm has spent 18 months discussing cultural issues with workers internally. According to the spokesman, the goal is for ‘prospective workers to understand our viewpoint and make more informed judgments about whether Netflix is the right organization for them’. A firm spokeswoman also stated that staff was given the opportunity to provide comments on the new cultural standards. Netflix is believed to have received over 1,000 comments, which influenced the new section of the document.

New Netflix features
The video streaming platform is actively developing various new features to enhance the overall user experience. According to one of the most recent rumors, Netflix is considering introducing live streaming to the platform. Initially, the functionality will be accessible for stand-up specials, live comedy gigs, and unscripted productions. According to the source, the live streaming capability is now under testing.

In order to maximize income, the streaming platform is also working on a mechanism to prevent password sharing. Netflix also stated that it is working on creating a less expensive and ad-supported version in order to attract more consumers.


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