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Executive from Twitter questioned for taking ‘no action’ against comedian Kunal Kamra.

The country’s top child rights organisation, NCPCR, summoned Twitter India’s communications director today for failing to submit an action taken report against comedian Kunal Kamra, who posted a ‘doctored’ video of a boy singing a patriotic song for Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Germany.


Mr Kamra was charged on May 5 by the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights for tweeting the ‘doctored’ video. With the specifics of the action taken report, the commission has called Director, Twitter Communications India, today. ‘A letter in this regard was sent to your good offices dated 05.05.2022 calling for an ATR (action taken report) in the instant complaint within 7 days or receipt of the letter.’


‘However, no such ATR has yet been received by the Commission,’ the NCPCR stated in a letter sent on Tuesday. The claimed video of PM Modi’s meeting with the child in Germany was shared by Kunal Kamra, but he replaced the song the boy sang – ‘Janmabhoomi Bharat’ – with ‘Mehengayi daayan,’ a popular folk song about inflation featured in the film ‘Peepli Live


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