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Rising terrorist threat leads to elite NSG commandos learning ‘how to clip drone wings’!

While India confronts an increasing threat from hostile drones, particularly in important and high-profile buildings, airports, and other regions, the country’s elite anti-terror force, the National Security Guard (NSG), is ready to counter this threat. According to News18, the police is now preparing to conduct anti-drone operations in civil areas, similar to any other counter-terrorism exercise.

The NSG is also planning to protect sensitive regions from drone attacks during important events. According to reports, the home ministry has authorised the force to acquire the greatest technology and equipment available in the globe for anti-drone operations. According to a senior government official, this was done in response to the magnitude of the drone threat.

‘Drone assaults have occurred in numerous places of the world. NSG commandos are now being taught to perform anti-drone operations in public areas. The force has also bought different anti-drone technology, such as radars, rifles, and other heavy weaponry, which will be deployed in the event of a drone assault. The NSG will develop as a specialised force capable of anti-drone operations. The goal is to have a specialised crew backed by technological specialists that would move together anytime there is a large operation,’ he stated.

Another official stated that the military is acquiring top-tier competence for both soft and hard drone kills. The force has purchased specialised weaponry and firearms, including long-range weapons directed by radars, jammers, and so on. ‘There was no threat from drones during the 26/11 operation.  Aside from neutralising terrorists, the most difficult issue presently would be a drone assault. We have created technology that can cope with drones and will provide the operating crew with a safe and large airborne domain. This will enable us in guarding both ground and airborne locations in the event of a terror strike,’ according to a senior NSG official.

Aside from anti-drone activities, the force will be deployed in high-risk locations at specified times to deal with drones. For example, the Republic Day Parade, special VIP visits to sensitive sites, and so on. Last year, the NSG was posted to Indian Air Force bases in Srinagar and Jammu, providing protection against drone strikes. The force is also educating numerous state and federal law enforcement agencies to deal with the drone threat.

With 7,000 commandos and commanders, the NSG is a ‘zero-error force’. It is one of the world’s most highly trained and equipped troops, capable of dealing with any crisis. The best and fittest jawans and officers chosen for the NSG go through rigorous training and testing. The National Security Guard consists of jawans from the Central Armed Police Forces and the Indian Army.


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