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These are the five signs that you are unknowingly ruining your relationship

Starting a good relationship is not easy and it need a good effort to work. Relationships can only be maintained if they are treated with the utmost sincerity and care. Many of the things we dream of that will last forever are likely to break down halfway without us realizing it. Small things and habits get piled up and later, break the relationship into pieces.

Giving too much: Too much involvement in a relationship will ruin it. You might be the giver in a relationship who always plans things, takes a step ahead, make every effort to make it work smoothly, asks the other person out and so on. However, it might make you lose your value and also make the other person feel suffocated.

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Good physical relationship doesn’t mean a good relationship: Having great sex is not enough to have a good relationship. Physical intimacy does not always account for an emotional one. If you believe sex is love, then it is time to rethink.

Not addressing conflicts:  Always try to address conflicts. Not every person is the same. If there are differences between you two, instead of pretending everything is okay, address them.

Overstepping boundaries: In every relationship, there are some unsaid boundaries. Even, if you both share everything, it is always good to respect the other person’s privacy. Do not force a person to share everything, it’ll make them feel trapped.

Playing the victim card: When you argue with each other about something or something bad happens, do not react emotionally and take advantage of the partner. You do not always have to make it clear that you are innocent. Pretending to be a victim in all subjects is also not beneficial. This can ruin the relationship without you even knowing it.


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