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Avoid doing these things in bed

Most of men have many ‘sex myths’ and these myths lead them doing several mistakes in bed.   These mistakes can ruin your healthy sexual relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes that men do is to think that sex starts in bedroom. For women sexual arousal doesn’t happen so fast. So, give them their time by hugging, kissing and holding hands.

Ask your partner about their feelings, fantasies and favourite positions. For 80% of women, sexual intercourse alone won’t take them to orgasm as most sex positions don’t directly stimulate the clitoris.

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Women like to be seduced. It helps to know what kind of turn-on your partner likes, whether it’s oral, visual, or mental. Most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. There are other ways to pleasure her.

Sex is not all about strength. The act of sex also requires more finesse.  Men need to realize that pleasing a woman is not about going on ceaselessly with the sex.

Try to explore your wife’s most sensitive parts.  Spread your kisses, touches and caresses and see how pleasing it’ll be for your bae.

Thinking that sex ends immediately after your orgasm is like the biggest mistake on this list. Every woman would find it uncaring and unfair. So even after you get an orgasm, try to see if your woman is satisfied yet.



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