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Can Your Calls Be Secretly Recorded? Use This Method to Find Out!

Phone calls are now being recorded, which is highly dangerous for a multitude of reasons. It’s especially problematic if you’re discussing something private or significant with someone since no one wants their information to be leaked and exploited. However, you can prevent this problem if you are aware that your call is being recorded. If you believe that your phone call is being recorded or just wish to ensure that it does not happen, you can take the following procedures to find out for sure:

Google banned all recording apps;
First and foremost, Google has forbidden any call recording applications, which is fantastic news. This implies that any app on the Play Store having a call recording option will be blocked. However, nothing has changed about phone call recording functionality. Your calls can still be recorded using this.

For some years, Google has been opposed to call recording applications and services. According to the IT behemoth, call recording is an invasion of consumers’ privacy. For the same reason, their Dialer app now includes a clear ‘this call is currently being recorded’ notification. Both sides now hear the alarm clearly before any recording begins. However, there are several additional methods for recording phone calls. If you believe you are being recorded, this is how you may be certain:

A Constant Beep;
If you hear a continuous beep while on the phone, it might be a clue that your call is being recorded. Many nations make it unlawful to record someone’s phone call without their knowledge, which is why most mobile phone manufacturers incorporate a beep sound in their handsets. As a result, whenever someone records a call, the beep tone is heard again.


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