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These are the best time to have sex

A study conducted by a British agency has revealed the best time and day of the week to engage in sex. The study was conducted among 2000 people.  According to most participants, they preferred having sex on Sundays and at 9:00 am. And Saturday was voted as the second-best day of the week to have sex.

As per another study, the best time to have sex is right around 3 pm, because that’s the time when men and women are most in sync. While men may perform best physically in the early to mid-morning (due to a testosterone boost), they hit an estrogen peak later in the afternoon, which makes them more emotionally attuned to their partners. Women experience a peak in cortisol levels right around then, which helps boost energy and alertness.

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The study also suggests that morning is also the right time to have sex. One study of 1,000 people conducted by Forza Supplements found that the best time to have sex is about 7:30 am. Researchers concluded that morning sex unleashes endorphins that lower blood pressure and reduce stress

But no matter on which day of the week you have sex, make sure to ensure that you use protection and do it only with the consent of the other person involved.


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