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Here is how each zodiac sing perform in bed

As per experts, astrology and sex go hand in hand. They say that each zodiac sign have their own sexual traits and strengths. And knowing these will help in building a healthy relationship.

Here are the sexual traits of each zodiac sign:

Aries: As per astrology, people born in this sign are  good in bed. They are passionate lovers  and have incredible stamina.  They have a weird habit of sucking everything.

Taurus: They are gentle, patient and are ruled by Venus. This zodiac sign expresses its sexuality with intense physical contact and uses its 5 senses. Their kind of sex is slow and irresistible.

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Gemini: People born in this sign  are mischievous, playful in bed. They  do not take sex too seriously. It should be fun for them. They love to play love games and they seduce amid that.

Cancer:  They are intimate in an emotional way so do not expect animal sex with them. They are erotic, deep and sensuous and they completely immerse themselves into the act of sex.

Leo: Leos are highly passionate and they have a glowing charisma. For them, sex is a performance and they welcome sexual fantasies.

Virgo: Virgo are very precise in bed. They are methodical, analytical and most of the time old fashioned in sex. For them while in  sex, the surroundings need to be clean and  hygienic.

Libra: This zodiac sign loves the chasing game. Sex should make them happy and fulfilled.

Scorpio: For people born in this sign, sex is hot and crazy. Nothing is taboo for them because they are carnal.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius are adventurous. They like spontaneous and thrilling sex..

Capricorn: They have to be intimate with you on an emotional level before they have sex you. Endurance is very strong in their case.

Aquarius: Aquarius are heavy on mental stimulation. They like it messy and are very unconventional in bed.

Pisces: They are spiritual. They seek  erotic sex. Pisces love morning sex even if they are half asleep.


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