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Try these dangerous sex positions at your risk

Sex is very much essential part of life. There are several sex positions. Many people want to try some sex positions that are described in books like ‘Kamasutra’.

There are some sex positions which have been termed dangerous even though they look very simple.

According to different studies and researches, there are 3 sex positions which are dangerous. They could either tear the vaginal wall or fracture the penis.

Here is a list of dangerous sex positions:

Cowgirl: According to a study published in the US National Institute of Health, the cowgirl position where the woman is on top, can put the male genitalia in danger. As per the study,  there is not enough lubrication when a woman is on top. Due to this the penetration becomes sore. The force of the thrust can lead to injuries. Also, if the body weight is entirely on the man, it can prove to be dangerous for them.

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Doggy Style:  As per a study, vaginal tearing is common  during this style. It is mainly due to penetration of penis from wrong side and forced penetration.  Sometimes even lubrication is not enough, even then the position can be injurious.

Missionary position: This is one of the most common sex positions that everybody uses. But as per a study carried out  by  Brazilian researchers, almost 21% penile fractures occur when the men are trying to climax. As per the study, during sex if hits the pelvic bone without any intention of doing so, it could be dangerous.


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