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Know how sex drive changes according to age

Sexual experiences changes with age. What you experience in 20s may different when you get older and it keeps changing as you grow older. There are some important things to remember when you are in your 30s.

At 30s, the desire to have sex changes. For some there may be a strong desire and for other it may decrease.  The stress in life is generally the culprit which could be that of kids, family, work or even the want to look fit all the time.

Using a birth control pill mays reduce your urge to have sex. The pills prevent ovulation so that lowers testosterone. You feel dryer and it is not very comfortable due to that when you are at it.

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Of course, if the desire is not so much anymore, your frequency of doing it also lowers. You need to quit pressurizing yourself to achieve that certain number a week.  Changing the positions, the right places and thoughts. So this makes getting an orgasm easier.

The maturity that sets in with age most of the time brings us in peace with our looks, helps us figure out what we can do and not do and experiment accordingly. For some shyness goes away as we embrace ourselves for who we are and what our needs are.  Remember, the only thing that matters is  that the two of your are happy or not with your sex life.



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