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Why is the IIFA Awards carpet green rather than red? The origin story…

When you think of an award presentation or a large fashion event, you immediately see a red carpet greeting the celebrities. However, things do not always turn out as planned at the International Indian Film Academy Awards. The celebs are greeted with a brilliant green carpet on which to display their beauty and pose for the paparazzi.

The IIFAs have modified 15 years ago. The customary red carpet was replaced with a green one as part of their ‘Greening the IIFAs’ project to deliver a critical statement about climate change to the globe. The change of carpet color in Sheffield, UK, in 2007 helped the Bollywood ceremony stand out from the crowd. They have kept the tradition of the green carpet alive to this day.

The organizer of the IIFAs was described by The National News as stating, ‘IIFA has always assisted in the creation of innovative messaging about the environment. This is what the stars and celebrities participating would transmit to viewers and fans worldwide. And today, with the force of celebrity following, it has worked’. Wizcraft International Entertainment created the IIFA Awards, and the first event took place in London in 2000. The event honors the greatest Hindi films and actors from the preceding year.

Every year, it is hosted in a new country. It is being held in Abu Dhabi this year. Previously, it was held in Dubai, Bangkok, New York, Colombo, Amsterdam, Madrid, Florida, Kuala Lumpur, and Macau. This year, the Etihad Arena will host the musical IIFA Rocks and the gala IIFA Awards. Salman Khan will host the award event. According to reports, actor Abhishek Bachchan will perform in front of the audience and guests at the ceremony on Saturday.


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