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Thousands start experimenting with a four-day workweek; Read on…

More than 33000 workers from 70 enterprises in the country began a four-day work week experiment on the day UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson avoided being forced to resign from his position. The trial, which would involve these workers working just four days out of the seven-day week will not see a pay cut due to reduced working hours.

This trial period will last six months. Workers on the route range from those working in a little fish and chip restaurant to those working in huge financial institutions. The study is being organized by the non-profit think tank 4 Day Week Global and the 4 Day Week UK Campaign in collaboration with researchers from Cambridge University, Oxford University, and Boston College. The goal is to increase productivity. The employees will be paid in full for 80% of the normal hours they work.

During the Covid epidemic, millions of people globally migrated to remote work, prompting proposals to reduce the work week. According to researchers, a four-day work week study in Iceland was an ‘overwhelming success’.  These trials were conducted between 2015 and 2019. Even when the working hours were reduced, the workers were paid in full. According to a news release from the 4 Day Weel Campaign, government-backed trials are set to take place later this year in Spain and Scotland.


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