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As the summit ends, Biden announces a ‘new migration plan’!

US President Joe Biden proposed a fresh set of steps to combat the regional migrant situation on Friday. The unveiling took place during the Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. Twenty countries joined Biden for the ceremonial unveiling, while several others did not.

The White House advocated a range of migration initiatives agreed upon by Western Hemisphere countries on the summit’s last day. However, according to media sources, experts are doubtful of the measures’ ability to make a substantial impact on the migration crisis.

The measures include the United States and Canada agreeing to accept more guest workers, establishing avenues for individuals from poorer nations to work in wealthy ones, and other countries agreeing to stronger rights for migrants. According to a White House statement, Mexico also agreed to absorb extra Central American employees. ‘ We’re changing our strategy to managing migration in the Americas.  ‘ Each of us is making promises that recognise the issues we all face,’ Biden stated.

The platform where Biden led the rollout was draped with flags from 20 nations, considerably less than the total number of attendees at the conference. Even still, the figure came only after days of US pressure. It was another manifestation of the summit’s tensions, undercutting Biden’s efforts to restore US leadership and fight China’s expanding economic clout in the area.


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