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Here are some easy positions for beginners from ‘Kamasutra’

Kamasutra is the  ancient Hindu text that is related with sex. The ancient Sanskrit text  gives  sex positions for beginners. Here are 5 of sex positions you must try out.

Sammukha:  In this position, the wall of your room is very helpful. Make your partner lean back on it while standing and then spread out the legs. Then enter your mate but if height is a problem, you may need a ladder or a stool or even the bed.

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Piditaka:    Here your partner lies on the back and the knees are to be pulled towards the chest with the feet on your chest. Kneel towards your partner to enter from the front.

Janukurpara:  You have to lift your partner up, lock your elbows under their knees for the grip and ask your partner to wrap their arms around your neck. The eye contact, the deep penetration etc, makes this position superb!

Tripadam:   Stand facing each other and ask your partner to lift one knee and stand in a tripod position.

Virsha: This is a reverse cowgirl position where you lie flat on the bed and your partner sits on you.


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