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Russian security guards carry Putin’s ‘excrement & urine’ in special suitcases: Report

According to rumours, Russian Federal Protection Service (FPS) operatives carry President Vladimir Putin’s faeces and pee in pockets wherever he travels, and the agents collect the president’s dung and transport it back to Moscow in a special suitcase to preserve Putin’s health secrets. As per a French magazine story, the practice has been in place since Putin’s visit to France in 2017 and his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at Versailles.

According to the French magazine, Russian embassy workers have been instructed to maintain ‘total confidentiality’ in the face of severe pressure.FPS operatives are in charge of the protection of key Russian politicians. Since the Ukraine conflict, the Russian president’s health has been a source of concern for months, with some rumours claiming that he may be suffering from cancer. However, this has never been confirmed, and the Kremlin has repeatedly dismissed Putin’s health claims.

The strange occurrence was previously reported in a video published online by a BBC journalist, in which two guards were seen going out of the room with a guard carrying a particular bag, and they were followed by the Russian president and two additional guards. According to a British media article, Putin’s peculiar practice has been going on since he took office and is considered as an attempt by Russian officials to keep the president’s health reports from slipping into the hands of foreign intelligence services.




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