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New study reveals the relation between sex and  Covid-19

A research study carried out by the researchers in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) found that Covid-19 infection will lower the sex drive in men.  The study found that Coronavirus could damage the testicles of  men and thus will reduce the sex drive.

The research came to this conclusion after  studying testicular and hormonal changes in  the  hamsters infected with the virus. The team found that hamsters infected with coronavirus suffered a sharp drop in sperm count and serum testosterone, a male sex hormone, four to seven days after infection. It also revealed that the Covid-19 infection disrupted testicular health, decrease in size,  lowered testosterone levels and sperm count.

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The vaccinated hamsters did not exhibit testicular damage. The study is published in the prestigious Clinical Infectious Diseases journal.

Earlier a study conducted among 100 men in Italy — of which 25 were infected by the coronavirus and 75 who were not- also  found a relation between erectile dysfunction and Covid-19. The researchers claimed that the restricted blood flow to the penis due to Covid-19 causes erectile dysfunction in men.  Also, several men had reported post-Covid testicular pain  in 2020. A 2021 study found that testicular pain was more frequent among hospitalized Covid-19 patients.


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