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South Korea successfully launches domestically developed satellite Nuri


Seoul: The performance verification satellite and dummy satellites carried by South Korea’s domestically developed rocket Nuri (KSLV-II) have reached orbit after the second launch on Tuesday. With this, Korea has become the seventh country that launched satellites weighing over 1 ton with domestic technologies.

The Nuri rocket was launched at 4 p.m. on the 21st June and successfully separated the performance verification satellite and dummy satellites from the rocket. Nuri’s dummy satellites and the performance verification satellite are circulating around the Earth at an altitude of about 700km from the planet at about 7.5km/s speed.

Nuri is the first space launch vehicle developed with domestic technology. South Korean researchers and engineers have developed all parts of the Nuri, including 75-ton and 7-ton liquid fuel engines and parings, a cover to protect satellites mounted on the launch vehicle. In particular, South Korea has successfully proved its space development capability by developing the 75-ton engine, which will be continuously used for space vehicle development.


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