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Russia claims that Ukraine and Moldova will suffer as a result of being EU candidates

Russia claimed on Friday that the EU’s decision to allow Ukraine and Moldova as applicants for membership will have unfavourable effects and amounted to the EU “enslaving” its neighbours.


Although it might take years for the nations to become members of the European Union, the EU’s choice to admit them as candidates shows that it intends to expand its influence throughout the former Soviet Union.


The action, according to Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, is an effort to infringe on Russia’s sphere of influence within the CIS, which is made up of former Soviet states.


The European Union has confirmed that it still actively exploits the CIS on a geopolitical level, using it to ‘contain’ Russia, she said in a statement. ‘With the decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidate countries,’ she said.


She added that they were not considering the adverse effects of such a measure.


Zakharova claimed that the EU was forsaking its democratic values in favour of ‘unrestrained expansion and the political and economic servitude of its neighbours’ by enlarging to Ukraine and Moldova, two former Soviet republics.


In order to stop Ukraine’s land from being used to attack Russia, Moscow claimed it was necessary to send soldiers there. Russia’s allegations are seen as a flimsy justification for a territory grab, according to Western nations and Kiev.


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