President of Indonesia promises to deliver message to Putin from the leader of Ukraine

In an effort to raise the likelihood of peace, Indonesian President Joko Widodo offered on Wednesday to send a letter from Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskiy to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Zelenskiy’s response to the offer made by Jokowi, as President Widodo is called, during the talks in Kyiv was not immediately obvious, and it was also unclear whether the Ukrainian president had a message for Putin.


As one of the six ‘champions’ of the Global Crisis Response Group, which was established to confront the threat of famine and misery posed by the war in Ukraine, Jokowi serves as the chair of the Group of 20 countries.


After his trip to Ukraine, Jokowi is scheduled to meet with Putin in Moscow, where he has stated he will push the Russian leader to support a truce. Moscow and Kiev’s peace negotiations have stalled, and each side is blaming the other.


After meeting Zelenskiy, Jokowi stated, ‘Even though it’s very difficult to achieve, I underlined the need of a peace resolution. I volunteered to take President Putin a message from President Zelenskiy, whom I’ll meet soon.’


Ukraine was a major supplier of wheat to Indonesia prior to Russia’s invasion of that country on February 24. However, a Russian sea blockade has stopped Kyiv’s Black Sea grain exports, raising the possibility of a global food crisis.


Since Russia’s invasion, food and energy costs have increased, and there are now shortages as well, according to Jokowi.


In Kyiv, he stressed the requirement for safety guarantees for Ukrainian food deliveries, particularly those delivered by sea, saying that ‘all measures must be taken to ensure Ukraine can continue exporting food.’


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