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‘Spreading hate against Hindu community’: Rahul Easwar calls Leena Manimekalai’s Goddess Kali poster as ‘…


New Delhi: Amid filmmaker Leena Manimekalai’s documentary poster drew social media flak on Monday for hurting religious sentiments with the depiction of Goddess Kali, activist Rahul Easwar has called it a ‘hate poster’ and claimed that ‘this is spreading hate against Hindu community and defaming our deities’.

‘Liberty comes along with sensitivity, freedom comes along with responsibility, can we live in the world without being sensitive, respectful and responsible? What happened with the Kali poster is that Leena created a hate poster against Hindu community. She’s purposefully demeaning, defaming one of the most revered deities of Hindus, Kali Maa’, Rahul told ANI.

The Madurai-born, Toronto-based filmmaker had earlier shared a poster of her film on Twitter which depicted a woman dressed in a costume portraying the goddess and smoking. A flag of the LGBT community was seen in the background. ‘Super thrilled to share the launch of my recent film – today at @AgaKhanMuseum as part of its ‘Rhythms of Canada,” she tweeted.


Easwar has stated that the Aga Khan Museum, where the film’s poster is to be launched today, should reconsider its decision. ‘Whether it is Maa Kali, Hazrat Aisha, Holy mother Marry or any other figure of any faith, should not be disrespected. What Leena did is to create a hate poster and demean Hindus and defame our deities. This is absolutely unacceptable; I hope Aga Khan Museum reconsiders it and there should also be a case filed on her for hurting Hindu sentiments’, he said. ‘Hate poster of Maa Kaali by Leena Manimekala is absolutely unacceptable. This is a hate poster, this is spreading hate against the Hindu community and defaming our deities. The core submission is that we need to have responsibility along with liberty, sensitivity along with freedom and if you are not having it then how can you even live in the world. No deity of any religion should be defamed’, Easwar added.

After the portrayal of Goddess Kali in the poster did not go down well with a section of netizens who demanded the poster be withdrawn, Leena restricted comments on her social media. In the past too several movies and series including Anurag Basu’s ‘Ludo’ and Saif Ali Khan’s show ‘Taandav’, have been in trouble for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.



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