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To help aliens find human civilization, a fingertip painting will be sent into space.

The unique fingerprint artwork will be sent aboard the 2023 launch of the Euclid spacecraft, according to scientists. The painting will serve as a depiction of human civilization for the expedition, which uses 3D mapping to investigate the evolution of the universe.

The Milky Way Galaxy will be portrayed in the artwork, which was produced by visual artist Lisa Pettibone, 250 scientists, and Euclid instrument scientist Tom Kitching. After Euclid’s lifespan, it will merely be floating in space, Kitching said when asked about the painting’s inspiration. What if alien life discovered Euclid? How could they possibly be aware of the humanity of the populace?

The painting would, according to Lisa Pettibone, lend a ‘bit of humanity’ to the Euclid project, and she said that the scientists painted the entire artwork by dipping their fingers in the medium.

‘Although Euclid has always been beautiful in concept and materials, it didn’t really say anything about the people involved and humanity as a whole. We asked ourselves whether we could do something artistic that would speak to people,’ Lisa said on the European Space Agency website.

‘We wanted something authentic, not perfect, and not shaped too much. The result is a piece of art with a wonderful energy to it that captures all the energy of the people involved,’ Lisa added.

After being laser-engraved into a plaque, the image will be attached to Euclid. Additionally, according to ESA, a little poem by the poet Simon Barraclough will be included.

‘It is adding an element of humanity to a dark, vast space, where, as far as we can see, there is no other intelligent life,’ Lisa said.


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