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Will reveal the details of ‘conspiracy’ ; Imran Khan warns PTI workers against harassment

Imran Khan, the PTI’s leader and the former prime minister of Pakistan, said on Tuesday that he would reveal every aspect of the ‘international plot’ behind his removal. Before a critical by-election in Punjab this month, in which Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party is aiming to defeat the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, he sent out a video message (PML-N). Khan stated in his letter that the provincial administration was participating in rigging the upcoming elections.

Khan was ousted by a no-trust vote in April, but he refused to accept defeat, instead saying that his removal was the product of an American conspiracy backed by local players. His aggressive behavior enraged the powerful establishment. In the video message, he increased the stakes by threatening to reveal the persons behind the conspiracy to destabilize his administration if his and his party’s persecution was not stopped. Khan stated he remained silent for the benefit of the country, although he was well aware of those responsible for his removal.

‘I know how this plot came to be and who is participating. If we are pushed against the wall and harassed, I will be forced to speak up and reveal everything to the nation about what happened ‘, Imran Khan stated.

The former prime minister also stated that he possessed a video that would be made public if something happened to him and would demonstrate ‘which characters did what and who perpetrated this huge betrayal against the country’. Khan also argued that his removal and that of previous Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was removed by military ruler Ziaul Haq in 1977, bore similarities in that both were pushed from office as a result of US hostility to Pakistan’s desire to pursue an independent foreign policy.

He turned his guns on the present leadership by accusing them of corruption and trying to forge a deal to cover up their filth. Khan also chastised the government for bullying journalists, particularly those thought to be sympathetic to the PTI.


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