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Lack of communication can ruin you love life

Communication is the foundation of a relationship. It helps to build a relationship and also helps to sustain it. Lack of communication can ruin a relationship.

Renowned psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera recently shared a post on social media highlighting the importance of communication. She said that unspoken expectations can lead to destruction in relationships.

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In her social media post, she said that actions are good signs to express yourself but doing everything for your family with the expectation of getting something in return is a problem. It just leaves you feeling unloved. When our  expectations are not fulfilled, it makes us feel disappointed, which leads to fights. And the constant fights leaves  your partner on the hanging edge thinking about what’s gone wrong and makes them distant. Lack of communication builds a huge communication gap which is quite difficult to fill as over the years.

To avoid these situations we must follow the flowing tips:

Talk to your partner: Tell your partner what you need or you are feeling.

Take a break: Always give yourself a break from all the over thinking and look at the positive things your partner does for you.

Planning: Plan  things that  you want and invite your partner.


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