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Survey ranks New Zealand second-worst for immigrants moving abroad; Report

According to a poll, New Zealand is the second-worst nation in the world for immigrants to move. InterNations, an expatriate networking organization, polled approximately 12,000 respondents from 177 different nationalities residing in 181 countries and discovered that New Zealand had an extremely low record of welcoming migrants, with an overall score of 0%.

The majority of respondents were quite happy with their new residences. The majority said they were of high overall quality, with little upkeep in comparison to their previous house. They believed they enjoyed a greater quality of life than they had in their prior home, but they were also concerned about the expense of living, safety, and bureaucracy.

In an international rating of 52 nations with a big enough sample size, New Zealand came in at number 51. Kuwait pushed it to the bottom. A variety of reasons led to Australia’s strong ranking for working conditions, which was placed ninth overall – persons entering were considerably more likely to believe that their employment is well-designed and pay fairly for labor done.

New Zealand was the worst-performing country in the survey’s personal finance measure, with 49 percent of respondents saying their discretionary household income was insufficient to live comfortably, compared to 28 percent globally, due to high living costs and low earnings.

The Guardian noted that ‘New Zealand also placed worse than the worldwide average in terms of respondents feeling fairly compensated for their work, having a purpose in their employment, and loving their working hours. The cost of living is extremely expensive here in compared to the incomes,’ remarked one Botswana poll respondent. An Indian ex-pat was concerned about the ‘increasing disparity between affluent and poor.’

New Zealand also had the lowest health and wellbeing score in the poll. 75 percent of respondents view the country unfavorably, compared to 35 percent overall. Mexico took first place in the poll, with especially excellent marks for personal finance and ease of settling in. The top five were completed by Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, and Spain. Each country was graded on 30 distinct criteria related to economic growth, stability, culture, and living experience.


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