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Trump ‘would lie about anything’; ex-White House aide

Former US President Donald Trump has been the topic of a number of books released recently, and in each case, fresh material about his stint in the White House has emerged. The books have offered a glimpse into his personality and thoughts on everything from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Capitol Hill riots. According to a new book, former White House strategist and Trump’s friend Steve Bannon informed aides that the former president lies from time to time ‘to win whatever engagement he [is] having at the time.’

‘Trump would say anything, he would lie about anything,’ Brennan was quoted as saying in the book. Jonathan Lemire, White House bureau chief for Politico and MSNBC commentator, made the assertion in his new book, ‘The Big Lie: Election Chaos, Political Opportunism, and the State of American Politics After 2020’. The book will be available on July 26th, according to the publisher’s website.

According to The Guardian, the remarks from Brennon in the book are utterly opposed to his claims in a 2018 interview. Bannon told ABC News that Trump always tells the truth and that people were attempting to ‘demonize’ him. However, according to Lemire’s book, ‘even for Bannon, Trump was something fresh’.  Trump, according to the senior strategist, ‘was not aiming to win a news cycle; he was looking to win a news moment, a news second’.

‘A shell-shocked Bannon would transmit to advisers that ‘Trump will say or lie about anything to win that moment, to win whatever exchange he was having at the time. Entire campaign ideas had to be built on the fly, policy blueprints reverse engineered, and teams of advisers rapidly mobilized to meet whatever came through Trump’s brain at the time to defend his record, shut down a reporter, or modify a chyron on CNN,’ according to the book excerpt.




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