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Fast-growing chickens may be more likely to die: Study

A recent study found that in the UK, more than a million meat hens perish each week before being ready for slaughter. According to a study of official data conducted by the animal advocacy organization Open Cages, around 64 million hens in the UK perish before being butchered each year. The deceased birds can be burnt or converted into usable goods such as protein meals.

According to animal rights groups, improved welfare standards might significantly reduce death rates. They are urging retailers to support the Better Chicken Commitment in order to phase out fast-growing breeds and reduce stocking density. According to animal welfare experts, the contemporary chicken is genetically engineered to grow so quickly that it strains its body and increases the risk of cardiac arrest.

According to studies, fast-growing chickens that reach their kill weight in just 35 days may have greater rates of mortality, lameness, and muscle illness than slower-growing species. One of the most common causes of flock mortality is heart failure, often known as sudden death syndrome.

The Better Chicken Commitment has been backed by all of France’s leading retailers, although the UK’s top supermarkets have yet to do so. To date, it has attracted backing from Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Pret, KFC, and the Compass Group, a culinary services supplier. In April, Sainsbury’s claimed that by March 2023, their fresh chicken will have been reared with 20% more room than the UK standard.



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