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Beer for oil: German bar finds unique solution to fuel crisis

In ancient times, the barter system was the preferred mode of transaction, but with the advent of coins and currency, it became nearly extinct around the world. However, the cooking oil crisis sweeping Europe as a result of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has prompted a Munich bar to come up with a novel offering. Customers at Giesinger Brewery in south Munich can exchange sunflower oil for beer, which can then be used to cook schnitzels.

Customers can pay for one liter of beer with a similar amount of sunflower oil. ‘The whole thing came up because we simply ran out of oil in the kitchen, and that’s why we have to be inventive,’ Erik Hoffmann, the pub manager, told Reuters TV. With the Ukraine-Russia crisis showing no signs of abating, the entire world is experiencing a severe fuel crisis. The supply chain has suffered greatly, and with both countries accounting for nearly 80% of all sunflower oil exports, the situation has deteriorated over time.

The bar also had a lot of issues obtaining cooking oil, which led to this one-of-a-kind solution. ‘It is extremely difficult to obtain oil… If you require 30 litres of water per week and only receive 15, you will eventually be unable to fry a schnitzel ‘, Hoffman told Reuters. According to the bar’s owners, approximately 400 litres of oil have been exchanged for beer so far.



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