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A Bullet train to Mars? In fact, Japan is conducting the research.

Can we establish human colonies on Mars and the Moon? Although we have preliminary drawings prepared, going to space is a very expensive endeavour. However, if a Japanese idea is perfectly executed, we might be able to board a bullet train and travel to the Moon or Mars. Space organisations and billionaires like Elon Musk are working in this direction. After all, the world’s first bullet trains were created by the Japanese.

In specially created livable zones on the Moon and Mars, researchers from Japan’s Kyoto University and Kajima Construction intend to create artificial space environments with an atmosphere similar to that of Earth. Additionally, they are researching the idea of using bullet trains to get there. The ‘Hexagon Space Track System’ transit system is being developed for this.

‘There is no plan like this in other countries’ space development plans. Our plan represents important technologies crucial to ensuring human beings will be able to move to space in the future,’ said Yosuke Yamashiki, director of the SIC Human Spaceology Center of Kyoto University in a press conference earlier this month.

The issue of the low gravity, which I instinctively became aware of when I was a toddler, is one we must overcome when the thought of residing in space becomes more plausible. We are dedicated to completing the plan in a way that will benefit people, according to Takuya Ono, a senior researcher at Kajima and project associate professor with the Center.

Researchers said that the project is expected to be completed by 2050.



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