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Know why men fell asleep after  having sex

Men usually fall asleep after having sex. This has been a topic of interest of researchers. As per experts, there are some reasons why men fall asleep after sex.

As per experts, men and women may experience post-sex sleep differently because of the ways certain hormones affect them. ‘During sex, blood pressure and blood flow increase and endorphins are released. If you’re in poor health or have a heart condition, sex can be more exhausting…’, says   Sex Therapist and University of Florida Psychology Professor Dr. Laurie Mintz.

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Having sex when you are tired after work pressures and so on is one reason for falling asleep right after. Sex gives good relaxation to mind and body. That’s why you can sleep well after a good sex.

‘The brain releases oxytocin during sex. It increases stimulation and excitement. But when it wears off, people feel really tired. Cuddle hormone’ also helps regulate the stress hormone cortisol. When a man reaches menopause, ejaculation occurs. Then the hormones are released. Then the body is de-stressed. After that, the researchers say, you can go to a good night’s sleep’, says Dr. Lowry.


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