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2 Sri Lankan cricketers in Australia have taken jobs as bus drivers to earn their living.

Sri Lankan international cricketers are currently employed as bus drivers in Melbourne, Australia. A former Zimbabwean international cricketer who is currently operating a bus in the same city is among them. They are all employed by Transdev, a company with more than 1,200 staff members that provides transportation services to city residents.

Suraj Randiv, a former spinner for Sri Lanka, and Chinthaka Jayasinghe currently work for Transdev and chauffeur customers around the city. Waddington Mwayenga, a former Zimbabwean cricketer, is also a bus driver.
The cricketers are happy with their jobs and still have hopes of playing in Australia’s Big Bash League. Additionally, each of them practises frequently and is prepared for a chance in cricket again.

The three ex-cricketers are all settled in Melbourne and earn a living as bus drivers. Sri Lanka’s government and economy are currently in ruins, and the people are revolting against it to get things back to normal. We don’t know exactly when these players made the decision to leave the nation and find employment abroad, though.

Any well-known celebrity can sit in the driver’s seat of a Transdev bus, according to the Australian minister of transport. Even many passengers have been known to interact with the cricketers.

Former Afghanistan Foreign Minister driving an Uber

High-profile ministers seldom live an uncomfortable life around the world. But Khalid Payenda, who once presented a 6 billion USD budget in Kabul now drives an Uber in Washington DC. In an interview with The Washington Post, Khalid said that he earns a little over 150 USD in a day’s work.

Khalid was seen driving his Honda Accord in the United States about seven months after the Taliban gained control of the nation. In the interview, Kalid also said that he is working every day to complete his targets. ‘If I complete 50 trips in the next two days, I receive a $95 bonus‘, he said while driving the car.

Former Afghan minister of communication Sayed Sudaat was spotted working as a delivery boy in Germany. In December of last year, Sadaat relocated to Germany. He was seen riding a bicycle through the city of Leipzig while carrying a sizable courier bag.

In an interview, he said that a job is a job and he does not mind. Sadaat could not find a job in Germany that matches his skills. He holds degrees in communication and IT and was not able to find any suitable jobs in the country. With the Taliban closing in, many ministers and dignitaries left Afghanistan last year.


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