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After being hit by bottles, Kid Cudi exits the stage while the audience yells ‘Kanye West!’

Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival has begun, and not in a good manner. Similar to previous years, the festival’s first day featured some spectacular performances, performers leaping into the audience, and a drama as well.

Rapper Kid Cudi entered the stage in good spirits but abruptly ended it as concertgoers began throwing water bottles at him.

Kid, who took over for Kanye West as the main act, left the stage after being repeatedly struck in the face. When a bottle struck him in the face while he was singing his fourth song of the evening, he lost his cool.

The internet is ablaze with videos of Kid yelling and warning the crowd one last time.

‘Yo, I will walk off this stage if you all throw one more f**king thing up here, I will leave, I will leave right now,’ he can be heard saying, as per Variety.

‘Throw one more f*king thing on this stage and I’ll walk off, I’m not fking playing. I’m not fking playing, you will ruin it for everybody. I’ll fking leave If I get hit with one more fking thing, if I see one more fking thing on this fucking stage, I’m leaving. Don’t f*k with me.’

He was struck by yet another bottle while he was yelling at the concertgoers. He then let go of the microphone and left the stage as a result. The audience soon began calling out West’s name.

However, a few days before the event began, Ye was removed off the list of headliners. He also made a brief appearance, according to the reports, at Lil Durk’s performance.

Despite working together on numerous projects in the past, Cudi and Ye’s relationship soured after Kanye criticised the singer for his friendship with Pete Davidson of ‘SNL,’ who is currently dating Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian.


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