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Are you aware that eating too much salt shortens your life expectancy?

This is how consuming too much salt shortens your life.

Do you have to season your meal with too much salt before you can eat it? If yes, you must pause and read this!

There’s no denying that the right amount of salt can make or break a meal. You’ll be shocked to learn, though, that studies suggest that one particular food component may have the ability to determine the course of your health as well as shorten your life expectancy.

Here are some clever tips for breaking your salt addiction. Find out by reading on.

Why eating too much salt is not okay!

Salt is rich in sodium, which has the ability to hold up water in the body and cause inflammation, and also trigger blood pressure, which in a way makes the body prone to cardiac diseases and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

What the study finds

According to a new study in the European Heart Journal, those who put salt in their food excessively have a 28 percent higher risk of dying young. The study, which involved 500,000 participants, indicated that adding more salt to the diet had a larger negative effect on women than on males.

While, it was found that the life span of men was shortened by 1.5 years and women by 2.28 years on consumption of salt. The study established that the intake of sodium had direct links to risk of mortality and life expectancy.

Simple methods to cut back on salt intake

Always measure and add salt to the food.
Choose salt substitutes that are better for you, such as rock salt, kosher salt, or himalayan pink salt.
Another easy way to reduce salt intake is by not adding excess salt to the food and always add it at the end so that there’s not much salt added to the food.
Choose foods with a low salt content (low sodium).
Consume processed or packaged foods sparingly because they contain various forms of salt.


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